SanCar Pest-Control

Number 1 Pest-Control

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Our personnel combat all the common infestations which can be both nuisance and health hazard;
infestations that can crop up just about any place and any time.
Mostly its mosquito and mice and the usual insect pests, but occasionally we tackle the uncommon and exotic too!

Whether you are a restaurant, school, hotel or a home, we understand that your pest problems are urgent.
SanCar Pest Control provides a rapid and targeted response. We also offer ongoing pest-prevention programmes wherever our clients need assured pest-free environments.
Our offices are based in Dili. However, we are also available for work in other Districts in Timor-Leste.
For any kind of pest control problem you may have, and we will be happy to investigate.

Our Pest-Control services include:

    • Pest Elimination
    • Ongoing Integrated Pest-Control, Monitoring & Reporting
    • Pest Prevention advice
    • Termite inspection
    • Fumigations
    • Insecticidal treatments
    • Insect sampling and identification